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What exactly is TME and how can it help?

OMG! I get way too excited whenever I get asked this question but I'm going to try and keep this one short.
The Membership Experience (TME) is a 6-module online course experience that will help you transform your product, knowledge and influence into recurring revenue by launching, growing and scaling 6, 7, and 8-figure membership sites.
TME provides you with a proven plan that works. Regardless of the market, this plan will give you the clarity and direction you need to build a highly profitable and low stress membership.

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(All delivered in Australian time)

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Four years ago...

Four years ago my business was complicated and time intensive. My focus had to be on promoting and driving traffic to make sales alllll the damn time #NotFun. I craved a simple business that ensured me high impact, low stress, low overheads and high profits. But how? As fate would have it, one night whilst nursing my then
6-month old son and wrangling our two year old, I discovered Stu McLaren and I enrolled in TME. And I am so freakin’ glad I did that! I literally implemented everything the TME course teaches and I launched my online Membership.

Fast forward to today, the membership model sees my business generating over $750,000 per year in revenue...

makes possible.
But it's not about the money. It's about what the money 
My business has grown but I've slowed down.

I'm available to do all the "mum-things" I value.

I work part-time hours (something that I wanted when I worked for someone else).

I'm less focused on selling and more focused on serving my members and helping them achieve great things.

I am able to 'give-back' more to the local and international organisations, people and charities that need aid and support.

And the best bit...

I get to do it from wherever I am, on any given day, and I get to do it with my family by my side.

I have a business that I am proud of and you deserve that too.
you deserve that too.

Enrol in the TME Experience and receive your 6 EXCLUSIVE Membership Momentum bonuses worth $5000+

Let's dig into the details

Bonus 1

The Membership Momentum Coaching Experience

VALUE: $1997

Membership Momentum is a group coaching experience designed to keep you accountable with the implementation of TME. With me as your experienced coach, you’ll receive the vital guidance necessary to be able to craft your own membership and launch it in half the time (without the stress and overwhelm of going at it alone).

Bonus 2

Access to my Membership Momentum Facebook Group

VALUE: $597

This is GOLD! When you join TME through me, I'll welcome you into my private and EXCLUSIVE TME Membership Momentum group. This is a smaller, intimate group that compliments the TME experience minus the crowds. It's a safe space for you to flesh things out like your membership offer, your deliverables, your Success Path and nut out your own Founding Member launch strategy! Get to know other Mums With Hustle TMErs and hold each other accountable as you progress through the TME course together.

Bonus 3

The Membership Momentum Founding Members Sales Page

VALUE: $497

Make launching your own successful membership offer even easier! Save time, $$$ and remove the guesswork when you get access to my high converting Founding Member sales page.

Bonus 4

The Membership Momentum Founding Members Sales Emails

VALUE: $497

Save time, energy and $$$. Use my proven launch sales emails as inspiration! These emails are inclusive of all the best-practice elements that go into a high converting Founding-Member launch email sequence.

Bonus 5

Setting up your membership tech-talk with Karl Harris

VALUE: $497

Unfortunately, one of the biggest blocks for membership owners is the tech. That won’t be the case for you because with Karl Harris as your tech-coach you’ll walk away knowing what membership platform is best for your unique membership. Karl always opens up for tech questions at the end of this coaching call and he leaves no question unanswered.

Bonus 6

Instagram Launch Formula

VALUE: $997

In my Instagram Launch Formula masterclass I will give you fast, easy strategies so you can open your membership and start earning recurring revenue immediately.

Bonus 7

BRAND NEW BONUS! Success Path Reviews with Stu McLaren

VALUE: $997

This year for the 2024 cohort of TME, we have a brand-new bonus. Stu will be joining us inside of our smaller exclusive cohort to be doing some Success

Path reviews! It's not every day that you get access to Stu McLaren himself to review your Success Path. However, you will have that opportunity inside of my bonus program. Stu is so excited to come in and support my ladies in this way, and he can't wait to hang out with us exclusively!

Join TME and get my bonuses!

(All delivered in Australian time)

So why choose to do TME with me?

I'm a TME graduate 5 times over PLUS I've had the honour of being in Stu's top-level Mastermind.

I'm a busy mum and wife and I understand what it's like to build a membership that doesn't overwhelm you or take away from your family.

I successfully launched my own membership in 2018 and scaled it fast to $750K annual revenue.

I'm your go-to lady for helping you launch your membership on Instagram .

I'm sharing my business partner (and hubby) with you because he is one heck of a business coach, specialising in the tech-side of memberships.

I have helped over 350 women through the TME course since 2019.

I'm helping female entrepreneurs scale memberships inside of my Inner Circle Mastermind.

I can't begin to tell you how much I have learned about memberships and subscriptions in that time.

Join TME and get my bonuses!

(All delivered in Australian time)

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Join TME and get my bonuses!

(All delivered in Australian time)

Memberships are great for mums in business because they create stability

Here’s why these women decided to do TME with Tracy

“I’ve doubled my goal.. and now I added almost $8,000 a month in recurring revenue.”

“I love doing TME with Tracy and Karl. I love having someone to bounce my ideas off and it really helped me launched my membership successfully. I’ve doubled my goal that I set for my first initial launch and now I added almost $8,000 a month in recurring revenue and I’ve got 500 beautiful members. It’s been absolutely amazing.”
The Little Play Club (Knowledge-Based + Convenience-based membership - Combo: Publisher, Coaching, Community)

“You get 2 coaches!”

“You get Tracy, the marketing and content guru and you get Karl, the tech wizard. Having both of the power couple in your team is amazing. They are [also] a part of Stu McLaren’s own mastermind group. They absolutely have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to everything membership and subscription.”
The By Liv Box (Earrings subscription box and Community)

“I wanted to learn from people who do what I wanted to do, in a really successful way”

“I chose to do TME with Tracy and Karl because they provide such amazing free content and support in whole range of different ways. [Also] their path is similar to my own. They have young children and they’re creating a live, virtual, business model that provides amazing service. It’s a path I want to go on.”
The Email Experience (Knowledge-based membership - Combo - Publisher, Coaching)

“Tracy made my life a whole heck a lot more simple”

“Having Tracy as my coach was a phenomenal experience! The way Tracy markets her business is very heart-centered. She never offered cookie-cut marketing strategies. Her membership site is farther along than mine and she could offer up advice from growth she experienced. How she morphed her membership site, and how that [can] inform my membership site.”
Lead Generation Lab (Knowledge-Based - Combo: Coaching & Community)

“I want to replicate [what Tracy and Karl did] so I could also live a life of financial freedom”

“When I was going to do TME, it was a little bit scary and nerve-wracking. I wasn’t really sure what I was doing. That’s why I decided to go with Tracy and Karl as my mentors. Tracy is absolutely inspiring. What they have achieved as a couple is amazing. I want to replicate that for me and my family so I could also live a life of financial freedom and have more time with my family.”
Ryan’s Members Lounge (Knowledge-based membership for Dog Trainers. Combo - Drip/Community)

“They are encouraging and they are real. These are people who have done it before”

“Going with Tracy and Karl is one of the best things I did. They have a pop-up Facebook group and they coach us through the process. They’re encouraging and they are real. This is what you want... these are people who have done [TME] before. If you're thinking about it, don't think about it... just do it! You will not regret it.”
Pink Pom Pom Social (service-based membership - UPS model)

We focus on progress IN community!

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